Carpark ventilation

The ventilation of car parks is crucial for
removing vehicle exhaust fumes containing dangerous pollutants. This may include Carbon Monoxide, Nitrous Oxides, Sulphur Dioxide, and heavy metal
compounds. The most significant development in car park ventilation design has been the introduction of Impulse Ventilation.In relation to removing pollutants, the ventilation systems may also provide assistance to fire fighters by limiting the speed of smoke in the event of a fire or clearing smoke after the fire is extinguished.

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Jet Fan System

Jet fans have largely eliminated the needs for air distribution ductwork within the carpark. The mechanical supply and exhaust systems have less resistance and require smaller fans that consume less power. Ventilation riser’s and plant rooms reduce in size and quantity, making the car park more open and possibly extra car park spaces. Increasing the number of control zones in the car park as this will increase the energy efficiency of the system. There is also great potential for reduced excavation and construction costs.

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Sub Floor Ventilation

Sub floor ventilation is to extract the humid air and to displace it with fresh air from and into the sub floor area. This can also be applied to heat. Powered roof ventilation systems extract the hot air while allowing cooler air to enter the rood space. This type of ventilation help to create a healthy environment by avoiding the build- up of moisture, gases, mould and any other odours that may present. However, sub floor ventilation is vital as a last line ofdefence as any unwanted moisture or humidity under your home can easily be swept up by an envirofan sub- floor ventilation solution.

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Bathroom Ventilation

Bathroom ventilation is necessary in each home. We provide a range of bathroom fans that come in different sizes to suit the layout of each bathroom. Bathroom exhaust fan is required in order to reduce problems that create high volume of moisture that is left without ventilation and would create humid air that produces mould and bacteria. As a result of this, we plan on resolving these issues and choosing the best fan to install.

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Commercial Kitchen Range Hood

Commercial kitchen range hood is installed and works together with fire suppression devices to ensure the fumes from grease fire are accurately vented and the fire is put out immediately. Commercial vent hoods are also combined with fresh air fan that draws in exterior air, circulating it with the cooking fumes which is then drawn out by the hood. A filtration system is used in most exhaust hoods to remove unwanted grease as well as other particles. However, many vent hood exhaust air to the outside, some recirculate the air to the kitchen.

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Garbage Exhaust

The main purpose of garbage exhaust is to eliminate all the odour that has been designed to operate in the waste holding areas of high rise residential and commercial building. This will also neutralise mould build up and significantly improves sanitary condition.

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Lobby Fresh air supply

This approach delivers fresh air from outside in order to improve the air quality of inhaled air. This type of ventilation provides a greater effectiveness beyond improved air quality benefits, the strategy can also improve occupant’s thermal comfort, perceived air quality and the overall satisfaction with the indoor environment.

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System Mechanical

Every system has a custom built electrical mechanical board to suit the application.This control system has been primarily designed to improve the energy efficiency of a ducted ventilation system in any application. It is a packaged and tailored solution that ensures the exhaust and supply fans are working at the speed required to maintain good air quality when the car park traffic is high and conserve energy when it is low. The mechanical boards reads the signal from the….

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