System Mechanical Boards

Every system has a custom built electrical mechanical board to suit the application.
These boards will control the following:

  • CO2 levels
  • Timers
  • Fire indication
  • Lobby Fresh Air
  • Garbage rooms

This control system has been primarily designed to improve the energy efficiency of a ducted ventilation system in any application. It is a packaged and tailored solution that ensures the exhaust and supply fans
are working at the speed required to maintain good air quality when the car park traffic is high and conserve energy when it is low. The mechanical boards reads the signal from the CO or NOx pollutant
sensors and relays these to variable speed drives that modulate the speed of the supply and exhaust fans. Mechanical board will also communicate with the FIP panels, lights and the pump room. Mechanical board can be tailored to work with any motorised product.

Fire Boards